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Whether working within an existing area or desiring to change your layout to expand your space, our interior design training allows us to assess your current situation and design a solution based on your personal wishlist.


We’ll review your home’s existing layout, take into account any structural quirks or issues, and work to eliminate deficiencies and maximize any features with an emphasis on improving function and relationships between rooms.


Some of the problems we can and will address are poor access, inefficient layout, safety/code issues, lack of sightlines, insufficient storage, bad lighting, inconvenient traffic patterns, functional problems, and worn and outdated materials. 


We know that a big part of any remodel involves how it’s going to look when it’s done. While the underlying layout is certainly very important, as we’re designing we’re always thinking of how to make the space ‘yours’ - your colors, your personality, your style. You’ll end up with a beautiful space you’ll be proud to live in every day.


During the design phase we work closely together to make sure your new space reflects your personal vision, and with the full color 3D renderings that we provide, you will be able to completely visualize your new space before making final decisions on any part of your project.

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